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5/3/1 BBB of a Weak Ass


Friday and pressing day. To be honest, Im starting to hate pressing day. Not improving makes it boring and hard to me. I dont really know what to do to improve it because other lifts are raising every session.

AMRAPx70kg I got 6 again

Bench press
5x10 65kg and as it got easy, I did a pause on each rep

Close grip bench press
3x10 60kg with a pause each rep too

5x10 34kg

Face pull

Also did some mobility work for legs as they are so sored and tomorrow is deadlift day so…


I did my best to be the least sored possible but I wasnt successful at all. Contrast shower, curcumin and foam rolling; it worked but not as I expected. At least I was feeling better to deadlift.

AMRAPx135kg I got 13 reps and Im starting to think of increase 10kg instead of 5 but Im not sure

Too sored to do anything decent so just some sets with light weight to improve technique

Farmer walks
3x50m 64kg