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5/3/1 BBB of a Weak Ass


Saturday’s workout was from last week as I couldnt make it.

AMRAPx125kg I got 10 reps with a weight that 2 months ago I could only get 3 or 4

3x10 75kg I didnt have time to do 2 more sets and my stomach wasnt feeling very good


Last week of fourth cycle and everything keeps at good pace. This time I really want to do the deload as perfectly as possible to improve even more.

AMRAPx90kg I got 5 although I was expecting 6. Btw more kilos are adding to bench

5x10 50kg

Close grip bench press
3x10 60kg

5x10 32kg

I thought my bench was behind the other movements but its actually moving very good


I keep busy in my daily life but also training, eating and sleeping the best I can.
Tuesday workout:
AMRAPx120kg I got 7

5x10 95kg

Hanging leg raises


Today I was so tired after school that I had to take a nap. Then went to the gym for pressing day and I felt like doing other things as assistance.

AMRAPx70kg I got 4

5x10 65kg

One hand dumbbell press
5x10 16kg

Lateral raises/ front raises/ band pull apart

Lat pull down ss face pull


Today is friday and the body knows it. It was time to deadlift and from being a weak point, now its almost decent.

AMRAPx135kg I got 9 (does it count as cardio?)

5x10 75kg

Abs wheel

I spent something like 15 minutes stretching and foam rolling at the end and it made me feel flexible again. Tomorrow is supposed to be rest day but Im going to do some light biceps/triceps and maybe a barbell complex


Good luck with the work the day after deads. I’m usually so trashed after deads I am not interested in doing much more than walks


Solid lifting mate, keep up the consistency and you will smash your goals in no time


Same. I dont feel like doing other thing rather than sleeping buuuut I want my triceps to grow so thats the reason to go today


Thanks mate. Best wishes for you too :muscle: I’ve added 20kg/45lb to each movement in 3 months. Thanks god I came across Tnation and all of you


The hypertrophy work out planned for this morning is not going to happen. Soreness and a family dinner changed it. Maybe this evening… hahah


Deload week has arrived and Im thankfull because Im feeling horrible mentally and dont really want to do anything.


That was all for today


I’ve also started 5/3/1 and have just finished my first cycle of this and it seems to be going great but just not a big fan of doing squats and bench heavy once a week, how often do you try and max out on your lifts?


I havent maxed out since I started 5/3/1 but because I dont think its necessary. Gains will come slowly so I dont really want to end a cycle and test my RM. The only thing that can help to feel strong is the AMRAP set


I wasn’t sure whether to carry on because the volume didn’t seem like a lot but might give it another cycle and see how it goes. Thanks


In my opinion, if you want strenght gains, this template is amazing but if your objective is hypertrophy a change might be good. I also felt that volume was low but later you’ll be so tired that you wont want more volume hahah.
Even if you still feel that is low, you can add some exercises to improve your weak links


Today were the 5/3/1 deadlifting sets even if its deload. At first I didnt feel comfortable but later it was better.
AMRAPx140kg I got 7 but maybe I had 1 more in the tank

5x10 75kg

Hanging leg raises


Also anyone know where do this come from? Its on my armpit and its possible to remove them? They arent almost visible but Im curious