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5/3/1 BBB of a Weak Ass


Yes sir but everybody wants heavy weights too hahah. Im training in an hour so lets see the result


Today has actually been a very good training with lighter weights. I focused on bar speed and it was quite fast. Also completed all the oh press sets without a problem.

Bench press
8x90kg New pr :tada: if there had been a spotter I’d have done one more

Oh press
5x10 45kg

Pull ups

Face pull


Yesterday was an amazing workout. I trained with 2 friends and after some tries I have realized that Im stronger when I train in the evening and with some friends. Today is just a rest day but I want to train so bad. Next time Im going to swim to fight the anxiety of weigths.

11x150kg Big pr :tada::tada:

5x5 85kg

It seems that squatting 2 times/week fits perfectly for my body without affecting performance


Today I have trained with strong people around so it was an amazing atmosphere. Maybe the oh press hasnt moved as I expected but Im very happy with what I did taking into account that I had an sprained wrist.

Oh press

Bench press
5x10 75kg

Barbell rows
8x8 85kg

Pull ups

I didnt count the sets of rows so I ended up doing more than what I had planned but fuck it, it wont harm anyone


For tomorrows training Im going with 2 beasts so I’ll hope my squat is ready for war


Squats are feeling much better now. It seems that I have found the perfect width as I was doing them too wide. The bad part of this is that Im two weeks away from deload :pensive:.


5x5 115kg

15 minutes of stretching


Yesterday I ate like 600kcal for the whole day because I was sick. My stomach felt full and dizzy so I also didnt train. However, today Im feeling much better and Im eating as usually again but I dont expect to hit a pr at gym tbh


It was just a day of almost no eating and doing things but it made me feel sooo weak. Hopefully the 9 hours of sleep at nigth and now a nap of 2 hours can help a bit :nerd_face:


Body feels better now but Im still not hungry and thats suspicious. Gym related, bench has stalled and it wont be easy to keep progressing.



Oh press
3x10 45kg


Fuck today I woke up puking and feeling horrible but as the day is going Im feeling better. I hate this type of illness…


Im going to deadlift in 30 minutes but Im a bit afraid of my stomach. If Stefi peed her pants and anything happened, if I poop my pants today it will be the same? :joy:


I managed to finish the work out and in general it was good. Obviously Im feeling weaker than before because of the illness but days like these are the ones that end up adding.

7x155kg (Not my best set or even near a pr but Im happy taking into account what I said before)

Barbell rows
5x5 75kg

Pull ups


Im so tired right now that if I tomorrow I was able to sleep the whole day I’d take it but squats are waiting. Having to train 3 days in a row isnt funny anymore and even less if you are ill.

Oh press
8x60kg Strength hasnt fully recovered still

5x10 75kg

Dumbbell rows
5x10 36kg

Stretching 10 minutes


Im pretty disappointed with how things are going. Yesterdays training made me realize that something wasnt going good. I know that I have been through an illness, that I trained 3 days in a row and I was sored as hell but the thing is that Im currently weighing 88 kg, 5 kg less than before so Im going to eat more again to get at least to 90kg and see how it goes.


5x5 115kg


Ayeeee, Im so happy again with performance. Definetely, eating again has made a lot. This time, I migth have been a bit too conservative with the last rep because when I had done 7, I reacked it instead of trying another one. The speed was pretty decent but I feared failing.

Bench press
3x3x95kg 1s pause

Oh press
3x10 50kg

Incline press
5x10 65kg


Yesterday was the best training of my life and the biggest pull. Before training I was feeling the vibe and already knew that I was going to be hitting prs.
It all started amazing, everything was flowing, the speed was perfect and techinique too. When I finished 5/3/1 sets, I felt going for something heavy and hell yeah, it was big.

7x165kg Huge pr :tada::tada:
1x195kg Another huge pr :tada::tada: (also have a video)

Barbell rows
5x5 95kg





Road to a 250kg pull


Everything is in its place again. Eating is by far the best weapon of lifters. I hit a new pr with presssing even if the last to weeks were horrible. That was yesterdays training but today Im taking it off as Im exhausted from university so tomorrow I’ll do better for sure with 10 hours of sleep in my body.

Oh press
7x65kg Big pr :tada::tada::tada:

Bench press
5x10 75kg

Db rows
5x10 36kg