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5/3/1 BBB of a Weak Ass


After the typical bro split I gave BBB a chance. Feeling and looking stronger than ever before. I’ve done 2 cycles and a deload week and after some health problems of a relative I’m about to start the third cycle.

Current max at 17yo weighing 85 kg:
Bench - 95 kg
Squat - 135 kg
Deadlift - 155 kg
Press - 75 kg


As I couldnt make it to the gym for a week until today and this week I dont have time enough to start 3rd cycle Im going to move some weights to get used to it again.

Today’s work out:
Bench (warm up series and bands)

5x10 45kg

Rows ss lat pulldown
4x10 30kg/45kg


Nice pressing man! Im 16.

In for your log.


I wish 5/3/1 existed when I was 17. I did the typical bro split and trained 2-3 hours a day then thinking I’d be Arnold.

At your age you are primed for impressive gains and you are ahead of the curve because you are smart enough to squat and deadlift.


I also trained 2 hours/day 6 times a week and despite progressing I regret not having used a routine with basics since the start. However, welcome to the log and thanks man


Today my shoulder wasnt feeling good but after an exhausting day studying I was able to work out.

Squats (warm up series)
3x90 kg
3x100 kg
3x110 kg

Abs wheel

Squats felt quite good but didnt have time enough to deadlift. Looking forward to start 3rd cycle and add some weight


Body loves Fridays and today was pressing day. I also slept a bit better than the previous nights so it helped.

The work out:
Press (warm up series and bands)
3x55 kg
3x60 kg
3x65 kg

5x10 60kg

Close grip bench ss hammer curls
3x10 55kg/20kg

Neutral grip pull down
5x10 50kg


Today I got f*** mad at gym. People dont stop talking, dont rerack weights and get in front of the mirror with no idea of what they are even doing while I was doing my shit. What if you drink a glass of stfu, get your shit done and go home?
Btw, I could finally start 3rd cycle.

Bench (warm up series and bands)
AMRAPx75kg I managed to get 11

5x10 45kg

Close grip bench press
5x10 60kg

5x10 30kg

Lat pull down ss face pull with bands
3x10 45kg


Last time I worked out was on Thursday.

Squat (warm up series)
AMRAPx105kg and I did 9

5x10 with 95kg

Hanging leg raises

Since then I couldnt do anything. A relative passed away so I’ve been feeling like shit. At least she is now in a better place and I know that she will be looking after me. This week, if exams allow me, I’ll start again


A friend of mine came today to the gym for the first time so I helped him a bit. Its cool to have friends with same hobbies.
Im tired of not being able to start the 3rd cycle so today I had to do the same of last week.

Bench (warm up series and bands)
AMRAPx75kg I got 12

5x10 45kg

5x10 30kg

Db curl
3x10 12kg


Early session of squats today that felt OK but heavier than usual. Btw I still could do what I had in mind.

Squat (warm up)
AMRAPx105kg tbh when I finished the set wasnt sure if I had done 9 or 10 reps

3x10 95kg

I did less assistance work because I’ll have to deadlift and squat again in 2 days so I dont want to be too sored


Gooooooood day here. Legs felt sored but not as much as I thought so I could survive the rest of the day.

Press (warm up)
AMRAPx60kg I got 8 and my PR was 9 but knowing that I havent trained as I wanted its OK

Bench press
5x10 60kg

Close grip bench press ss hammer curl
3x10 55kg/20kg

Neutral grip pull down ss face pull
3x10 50kg/10kg


Finished this 1st week with an early work out but it was worth having slept only 6 hours. This night I’ll sleep like a baby, I promise.

Deadlift (warm up)
AMRAPx120kg I got 9 but Im sure I had 1 or 2 more inside me

Hanging leg raises

I can barely touch things. Hands are burning like hell


In for the strength gainzz


Nice! Keep up the good work man.


Definitely its going to be a hard week due to exams and studying but who cares. This template is just amazing, you seem to get stronger each workout and as soon as I leave the gym I want to get back to smash some PR’s.
Today’s workout:
Bench (warm up series)
AMRAPx80kg I got 9, smashing my old PR that was 7

5x10 45kg

Close grip bench
3x10 60kg

5x10 30kg

Lat pull down
3x10 50kg

Had problems with 3x75kg set because my partner didnt load correctly the weight so I had less weight on one side and I felt it as soon as I unracked it. This made me feel less confident for the last set but I made it anyways


Thanks mate. I wont let you down for sure hahaha


What a great day today. Gym was full of people crushing weights and doing good stuff (an amazing thing for a commercial gym). I would like to die rather than having to study after working out but there isnt another option.
The work out:
AMRAPx110kg I got 8 reps

5x10 95kg

Abs wheel

I hate deadlifting at high reps


I’d love to compete but not now because Im not strong enough so its like a project for the future. Have you ever competed or have any advice for a teenager with a dream hahah?


i’m a teenager too and looking to compete in strongman sometime in the future. My advice is: keep training hard, eating and sleeping and working on your technique. soon enough you’l l be able to compete. Look around for competitions of people lifting similar weights to you, if there isn’t just focus on getting stronger.