5/3/1 BBB & His 1.5 lb Beef Diet

I’m currently running Jim’s 5/3/1 Boring But Big and read his article on trying to eat a lb to 2lbs a beef a day along with a dozen eggs. Do you believe the BBB Template is enough volume to handle that much calories with out getting fat?

I know the workout program he links in the article is his Monolith for size.

If you bust your ass and really commit to training hard, then no, you won’t gain a ton of fat. Obviously some fat gain is going to happen, but it won’t be a ton if you really push hard in the gym and hit your recovery conditioning as it is written. You should go read @T3hPwnisher write up on Building the Monolith on his blog. Just google mythical strength.

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I’m currently running Jim’s Boring But Big Template and love it, not looking to switch to his Monolith routine. I’m just curious if his Boring But Big template is enough workload to handle the diet in the Monolith template and keep fat gain down.

I answered that and suggested you read his write up so you see that he ate roughly 2 pounds a day with the eggs and gained weight, but little fat. Andddd here we are.

There is no pre-built conditioning work for BBB like there is for Monolith to be able to say how much volume you are getting in order to evaluate if this is the correct nutrition.

That being said, Jim suggests 1.5lbs of beef in Monolith, not 2.

Try it and see what happens.


Try it… If you start gaining more than 2lbs a month cut back.


Personally. I would work your calories up gradually. I may get absolutely reamed for saying this. But I think it’s dumb if you want be/stay lean. If you want to be large and in charge then yeah, stuff yourself. It’s not nessiccary to eat that much. I’m doing pervertor, I’m on week 4 and doing very, very well handling the work. I’m currently 6 weeks into a 1700 calorie diet. 180-200g protein, 100g carbs. I’m not dieing, I’ve actually gained muscle. And I’ve lost about 6lbs of fat so far… Just sayin

What Jim suggests is a starting point and could work for a decent amount of people. You just have to dig in for a couple weeks and assess how you’re progressing. If it’s heading how you want then keep going, if not figure out what you need to tweak and move on. For example, with my nutrition finally dialed in I’m eating 9oz of lean meat per meal, 5 meals a day, which is way more than his suggestion, and managed to peel off 25lbs while not losing any strength following just the prep phase for Krypteia for the last couple of months.

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Thanks for the feed back.

In his 5/3/1 BBB Template, I don’t see anything about conditioning. Do you guys recommend any type of conditioning?

Which BBB the challenge or original?

generallly as long as dont eat sugary stuff and keep an eye on carbs you’ll be fine

I think that just depends on your over all goal. In the BBB Challenge article he recommends the following:

"I’m not going to sway on this one at all. I recommend the following conditioning options with this program:

Walk 2 miles, 4 days/week.
Walk 1-2 miles, 4 days/week while wearing weight vest.
Walk two miles, 2 days/week and push the Prowler twice a week. The Prowler workout is as follows, done on asphalt: 10 x 40 yard pushes (sprints or walks) with 90 pounds added to Prowler. The walking sessions can also be done Manly Style, i.e. with a weight vest."

I’m not doing the 3-month challenge, I’m doing just the Boring But Big template.

Gotcha. Still, it ultimately depends on what your goal is. If you go crazy with conditioning it will negatively effect your recovery and what ever progress you are looking to achieve on the program. Try adding in some easy walks or if you have access to something like an Airdyne or Assault bike maybe a couple of easy rides a couple times a week.

Goal is to gain strength and size with minimal fat gain. I have been working out 2 years now and made crazy gains in the first 6 months but have been pretty stale the last year and half due to being scared of getting fat.

Do you guys not really focus on carbs when doing Jims BBB routine?

I don’t focus on them in the sense that I don’t eat them except around workouts.

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Find out what your maintenance calories are. There’s plenty of stuff out there, a simple Google search works.
Increase that number by 300.
Get in 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.
I’d try starting with only around 100g of carbs. But you could go up as high as 200. I like to eat carbs every breakfast and around training. The rest of your calories should come from fat and/or some extra protein if you can stomach that much meat and not feel like shit (I do). I say all of this assuming you are not overly fat. This will give you size gains without much of any fat. If you want to lose fat, then instead of increasing 300, decrease by 300 and go with only 120g carbs. When fat loss stalls, decrease another 200 calories. When fat loss stalls, only eat carbs after your training.
This may not be perfect. And it will work differently with different people. But it’s a place to start and you can adjust according to how your body responds.

Start from there. Then tinker and adjusted. I find that for me, I have to run something for a few weeks to really find out how it’s going. Then I adjust if I need. I use my fitness pal app. It’s really helpful and does all the work for me. I don’t pay, I just use the free stuff. It’s enough for what we need

You don’t have to do any of this but if you want to get as big and strong as possible WHILE being lean (around 12%BF) then I feel there has to be a level of management to achieve that.

But like others have said, I depends on your goals.

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You won’t wake up fat. If you are paying attention, it will creep in. When/if you notice, adjust. Likely reducing carbs is a good first guess

Just curious how do you usually prepare your ground beef?

As a steak. I ate 2-2.5lbs of meat, rather than ground beef specifically.


I recently did a calliper test by my works personal physician and I’m currently 10.5% @ 200lbs.