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5/3/1 BBB + FSL Template Questions

Read the first two books but I wanted to make sure my routine falls within the guidelines. Note this is the regular BBB program and not the 3 month challenge

5/3/1 Press + FSL (On my working sets, do I go to failure on the last “heavy” set or only on the FSL?)
5x10 Incline Dumbbell Bench
5x10 Chin ups (Superset)
3x10 Bicepts
3x10 Triceps
3x10 Facepulls

5/3/1 Deadlifts + FSL
5x10 Squats
5x15 Ab work

5/3/1 Bench + FSL
5x10 Press
5x10 Chinups (Superset)
3x10 Bicepts
3x10 Triceps
3x10 Facepulls

5/3/1 Squat + FSL
5x10 Trap bar DL
5x10 Ab work

So my main questions are- I’ve subbed out 5x10 Bench and 5x10 DL for Incline Dumbbell Press and Trap Bar DLs. Is that OK?

And when doing FSL should my last set still be AMRAP (leaving 1-2 in the tank) and FSL AMRAP (So technically my last two sets are AMRAP) or only doing the prescribed reps and on FSL go AMRAP?


EDIT: After further research it appears that I may not have fully grasped FSL. Please feel free to mock accordingly

try it, see how it goes. I would not be laying out my assistance work like you have, but there’s nothing wrong with using different lifts for supplemental. With that said, I wouldn’t use dumbbells for my supplemental lifts - stick with big, multi-joint movements with a barbell, trap bar, swiss bar, or safety squat/yolk bar.

So do the incline bench, but do it with a swiss bar or barbell. The trap bar for the deadlift BBB sets is just fine.

If you’re doing FSL BBB I would not AMRAP any sets, just do 5’s pro (5 reps of each set).

So do this and note that you can substitute your supplemental lifts like trap bar or incline bench, just realize your percentages might be different and adjust accordingly

2 cycles of
Main: 5’s Pro
Supplemental BBB@FSL
0-50 push
0-50 pull
0-50 single leg/core

7th week protocol

1 cycle of
Main: 5/3/1+
supplemental 5x5@FSL
50-100 push
50-100 pull
50-100 single leg/core

7th week protocol

repeat or start a new program.


main lift 531 pr set
BBB Main lift 5x10 at 50 - 60 %

DO NOT use FSL and BBB, unless you plan on doing 5x10 with FSL and that is tough.

You seem to alternate the lifts.

Jim is now adays recommending not to alternate, so

Ex. Bench

531 PR or 5’s pro
BBB 5x10 50 - 60 % Bench (you could do incline bench with a BB) Start too light at 50 % or even lighter.

Assistance every day

0 - 50 push (on bench and press beware)
0 - 50 pull (could go a little higher here)
0 - 50 single leg/core (maybe just ab work)

You could do BBB work on DL day whith trap bar, on squat day Front squat or another squat variation. Press day Seated press.

If you on the other hand do it your way, then your dick will fall off :smile:
Or you could just try it, if it works that’s fine, if it don’t well try something else :slight_smile:
Good luck with the training

If your doing FSL on the main lift you can do 5 sets of 10 on another lift but not a main lift variation, for example press day it can be 5x10 of some dumbell press and DL day it can be leg press instead of squats. BBB I think only refers to 5x10 of a main lift, so answer is “No, don’t do FSL followed by BBB on anything”.

Am I the only one who notices that deadlift days are combined with 5x10 sets of Squats and vice-verca? Your lower back will explode. Very bad idea !

There’s nothing wrong with that at all. The only difference is that the usual recommendation now is for 5x10 deadlifts on deadlift day and same for squats. Similar work for the lower back either way.

Your back won’t explode and it’s not a bad idea. The only change with this is generally doing 0-50 reps core work each day because of the extra lower back work (so don’t so back raises or single leg work when you’re doing BBB volume).