5/3/1 BBB, FSL for 5x10?


I have a question about wendlers 531 bbb template.

I cant find out what % to use for my 5x10 sets.

I have the beyond 531 book and read something about bbb the rule of 50.

Where u take the FSL weight and do 50 reps with it.

I have not seen many people talking about it, is it a good option? Or would u guys recommend the bbb sets with 5x10?


BBB is a great program and very popular. It’s especially good for beginner and intermediate lifters. (Once your TM starts to get higher, BBB can beat some people up.) Look to do 50-60% of your TM for your 5x10 sets.

There is a Boring But Big challenge where you increase the % for the BBB sets over a few cycles. You can search T-Nation for that if it’s not also in the Beyond book, but if you haven’t done a cycle or two of BBB yet, I’d suggest starting there.

If you are going to do BBB, make sure you follow the guidance on eating a lot. Doing the BBB template while trying to lean out is a little counterproductive. Make sure your recovery is dialed in properly, too. BBB is a solid template if you follow Jim’s instructions. I used it for my first year of 5/3/1 and had great results

There are a few options in Forever that use a TM up to 70% at times. There is also a section on using FSL for BBB, but that’s got some specifics to it that might not be appropriate for someone still learning about BBB.

If you’re just starting out doing BBB, shoot for 50%-55% and see how it feels. Don’t rush your lifts, and remember quality trumps quantity. Have fun and good luck.


Thanks for your response!

I whas more trying to find out of the bbb rule of 50 is a good option or If I could better go and figure out What % I Should use?

So basicly rule of 50 vs 5x10

Thanks :slight_smile:

Flip a coin. It doesn’t matter in the long run

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It looks like others have given you some good info already but I will jump in as well.

Typically when you run BBB you are going to use anywhere between 40-60% of your TM for 5x10. The most straightforward way is to start at 40% on Week 1 and finish on 60% in Week 3.

If you are interested in the BBB Challenge I highly recommend it.

You can run BBB with some FSL weights but you must pay close attention to the program structure. If this is your first time with BBB I would say start lighter and work your way up.

Finally, make sure your TM is correct. If you start with it too high you could end up burning out.

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Thanks again for the awnsers!

I feel like doiing bbb the rule of 50. Would u guys recommend it with FSL weight?


When in doubt start light.

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Thanks for the advice yet again!

It leaves me with one question,

should i keep the % for all the bbb sets the same in all weeks or should i do something like this:

Week one 55%
Week two 60%
Week three 65%


Do 50%, see how you respond. At some point in the future, do FSL and see how you respond.

Now you know something about what works for you. Use that knowledge in the future.



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Thanks Guys! I know What to do.

Now Lets get to work :slight_smile:

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