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5/3/1 BBB Dramatic Gains Increase Problem

On the deload of cycle 1 and I love the program. But I have one problem on my dead lifts and bench press I’ve seen dramatic gains. I went from barley doing 1 rep of 225 on the dead lift to knocking out 6 easy, and on the bench press I went from barley doing 1 reps of 135 to knocking out 7 easy. Do I readjust my TM for those exercises or just continue on and add the normal weight needed for cycle 2? The other exercise I’m seeing gradually increases but not as much as the Bench press and Dead lift.

Just keep doing the program as written. It’s working.

Worst thing you can do is outrun your TM. Keep it as is.

Just to clarify: the programs working so well you want to change it?