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5/3/1 BBB Beefcake (Malcolm X Style)

Can you run the 531 BBB Beefcake template Malcolm X style? For some reason I thought I saw it somewhere, maybe on his private forum, I could be mistaken though.

You can - however the 5x10 works better if your goal is size/hypertrophy.

Thanks for the feedback. How is Widowmaker sets for size/hypertrophy?

They work well - understand that there is never one way nor should you ONLY use one way. That is why we program our training…thus the Forever book. Also, the vast majority of people who want to put on muscle do it the wrong way, namely they don’t eat.

That is just as important. That and 100% effort in the weight room and in your recovery.

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I’ve finally fixed my food anxiety of eating just chicken thanks to your Forever book and your private forum with people giving me advice. I now eat a lot of red meat and eggs and feel 10 times better in and outside of the gym.

I’m thinking of running 2 cycles of 5s Pro w/ 5x10 FSL followed by 1 cycle of 531 PR Sets w/ Widowmakers. Something about those 20 Squat days gets me excited to get in the gym but sure do hate it when I’m done.

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