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5/3/1 BBB and Skinny Fat Problems


i am writing to you about a problem with many skinny fats, like me and some friends who are confronted with it. I hope you take some time to answer.

Personally, I went from fat (170 lbs) to weak (140 lbs). The idea is that I still have “puffy nipples”. I have become a puppy. Tomorrow I will start 5/3/1 BBB, hope to benefit from noobs gains, although I have one year of the gym. I am a little confused, because I do not know exactly how many kg to grow, then how much to cut and this chest kills to me all my confidence.
3000kcal / day, 350c / 170p / 70f

My question, from your expericence, is will always stay this chest that way or will it diminish the way you put mass and then you cut down fat? can I make a cut over 4 cycles of 5/3/1 BBB? I hope it will work out.

All the best

P.S: i visited my endocrinologist and its just fat.

Yeah, Wendler has his own forum on this site, this would be better posted in his forum.

I suspect CT may respond because he’s a nice guy, but . . .

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  1. Spend less time (or none really) looking at your nipples in the mirror.

  2. Don’t post faceless pictures of yourself on internet forums asking if you should “bulk or cut”. If you want to look better just lift and eat good whole foods, and keep up your conditioning. Focus on performance and the confidence of being physically capable will overshadow any physical drawbacks you MAY THINK you have. If you are really into bodybuilding or physique stuff, go do some actually research on bodyfat percentages and how to calculate them. But in all honesty, if you have only been lifting a year you should probably just focus on putting on some muscle and not worrying about being “skinny fat”

  3. Set some tangible goals for yourself. These can be strength related (300lbs squat, or 2 x bw deadlift), physique related if your into bodybuidling.

  4. Do some research on the program you want to run. It is a mass building program. Not to be run during a caloric deficit. You should only be running it if you have a solid base, and good technical proficiency with the big lifts, to minimize form breakdown during the BBB sets. When in doubt just run the base program.

Thank you for advice, bigbagbombs, great source of value.

especially the first advice, I developed an obsession for my chest and I am completely disappointed with myself and I do not know how to get through.

I’m sure I will have good results on 5/3/1 BBB, even if not for the chest.

All the best