5 3 1 BBB And deload

I´m doing 5 3 1 + BBB template and very happy with it.
Normally, during deload week I do the mainlift 3 x 5 @ 50-60% as Jim recommends in his book.
It should be a ligth week so I normally ad a bit of ligth ab work a bit of ligth mobility work as well as some prehab mainly rotator cuff work.
Regarding conditioning I this week I normally do a bit of walking or som MTB trips in the terrain.
Just Curious, what du you guys do in this week for conditioning and work besides the 5 3 1 lifts?.

two options for me :

  1. walking every day from 30 up to 60 minutes
  2. ive read, and have done it myself, to keep up what you have achieved conditioning wise, keep the intensity of your conditioning session but cut volume significatly, i.e if you normally do 20 hill sprints after workout, do 8-10 and call it a day, besides if you do them 4 times a week do them only twice and as far apart as possible. That way you will rest and deload without compromising your conditioning levels.

edit: this is based on :

" Hickson,R.C.et al. (1985) REduced training intensities and loss of aerobic power,endurance and cardiac growth " + reduced training duration effects on aerobic power endurance and cardiac growth"