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5/3/1 BBB - Adding Extra Chest Work?

Currently running 5/3/1 and boring but big, program is great, back and shoulders are definitely getting a better bit of work in them, and all my lifts are increasing, however I’m just not feeling like my chest is getting enough work, so just curious on whether I could/should add an extra chest workout in there (dips/incline or fly’s) ? Or is this sacrilege and should I just stay the course?:thinking:

Have you checked out Krypteia? It has BBB and extra “chest” work via Dips or DB Presses.

Is that the 3 day program? I’d prefer 4 days as I’m always just wanting to be active!

Play a sport.

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Used to play rugby, took a load of beating messed my back up, I’m alright lol

Better to do another program that allows you to get more volume via dips and dumbbell pressing. Krypteia - phase one is four days, phase 2 and 3 are three days, but don’t forget the conditioning. That’ll get you daily activity.

You could give hardgainers a go

Could I essentially just follow 5/3/1 for my main lifts and just change my MP day to more chest day / then Bench to a more shoulder day after bench? (keeping the back workouts the same as i don’t have an issue there) and the lower body days i would keep the same as they’re working tremendously? or am i committing 5/3/1 sacrilege?

It seems like you’re more interested in bodybuilding than strength and performance training. If you get bigger and stronger your whole body, including your chest, will grow. But if you just must do extra chest work, why don’t you do BBB for the bench and maybe FSL 5x5 for the press and then throw in dips or whatever as assistance? But if you get strong enough to where you’re using decent weights on your BBB sets, you won’t be worried about extra “chest” work anymore.

How many cycles of 5/3/1 have you run?
Waddya bench?

on my second cycle and my bench 253lbs

I want to get stronger however I do obviously want to grow, and I’ve just felt that my chest has not been growing from the BBB program and i need a little extra chest in there to just get more from it cause everything else feels like its growing perfectly well, just my chest.

Ok i’d run another cycle the same and then can switch to another assistance template like Hardgainers as above -wether you feel it or not your max bench will get a good boost from the first few cycles just really push for rep PRs on the top set.

Saying that, no harm in adding some pushups like this for 5 mins at the end…

Thanks for the replies, the BBB template is perfect its just my chest lol, everything else is perfect so i may just add in 1 pec workout like the push ups you mentioned to just finish my chest off.

You’d probably be better off doing something like that on your press day then. You’re not going to induce any more growth that your BBB bench sets do on bench day. Put it on a different day to give you an extra day of stimulation during the week. Also, are you doing touch and go bench reps or bouncing the bar off your chest? That takes the chest out of the movement a good bit at the bottom. Doing a slight pause could help a lot.

I do pause reps on bench always, much longer pauses on the 5x10 days where im hitting 50% 60% of my max.