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5 3 1 BBB 5x10 (%)??


Hi guys, im gonna start 5 3 1 BB template next week but im wondering for the 3rd exercise after the 5x10 50% of 1RM, can it be like 5x5 or does it HAVE to be 5x10?


You want to err on the side of it being too light. Remember, it's assistance work. Focus on the main lift.


Bingo...for BBB work muscles, not movements...if its too light, you can adjust next week...if its too heavy, you will know it...I think you will be surprised at how hard 5x10 @ 50% is once you've just went balls to the wall on your AMRAP set...


yea thats true, if its too light ill just adjust it. can i swap the 50% 5x10 for some tricep work? cause its still a pushing movement, or are dips recomended?


Do dips work well for you? Do you need triceps work?

Only you have the answers, my son.


Yea i like having atleast 1 tricep exercise in my program, i dont do many dips but wendler recomends them, i like skull crushers and db extentions mostly. should i start dips? or continue with what im doing


Is what you are doing working for you? If so, keep doing it. If not, try something else.

You are making this way more complicated than it needs to be.

I really hope you are working out in the meantime and not just waiting to go to the gym until you have the "Perfect Program"


haha obviously im still working out, but im getting a program ready for next week so i can start


I like to just plan a whole bunch of training programs but mentally psyche myself out of running any of them




Thank you!


Was that directed at me sarcastically or yourself


Post an example day you have planned for one of the upper body days. In your top post you mentioned 5x5 but are wanting to do tricep isolation lifts? Here are a few minor things I did which are not in the book and might prevent asking too many questions.

BBB - Depending on how I felt, one week I would do 5x10 then another week just 3 sets of the same weight, 10/10/12-15 reps. If I got 15 reps bump up the weight and do the 5x10 next time.

Isolation - Do 1 upper body day by the book, on the other day instead of your last BBB lift swap it out for 2 isolation lifts, tricep ext/curls or whatever, super set if you want.

Main lift - If you want to get in some more reps, after the main AMRAP set, -10% and do the 3-5 reps, then -10% again and do another AMRAP set.


weird, i do the same thing. which program do you feel you got more carryover from when you psyched yourself out from it? ive psyched myself out from trying 5/3/1 a few times and it definitely worked. im thinking of psyching out from sheiko next


Dips are always recommended and everyone on earth who presses can never do too much triceps work. If it's a weakness of yours you want to correct then address it. You can't do everything at once. If you like the look of BBB and you're not sure where to go, just do BBB as outlined.

Every few cycles, I pick 1 or 2 sticking points I want to fix and introduce stuff that will help them along so long as it doesn't imbalance the program in anyway.


ha... i'm not sure which program I want to redesign and post on the internet and then not do... i just can't decide what next


its called having options jackass


If i do BBB ill just do it by the book


its called having options jackass

my comment was necessarily directed at you, douche.


my comment was necessarily directed at you, douche.
i know, options