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5/3/1 BBB 3-Month Challenge Run Near Back-to-Back?

Hi guys,

Looks like my training frequency is going to have to change (read: reduce) in the upcoming school year to accommodate other things, so I was looking at Wendler’s 5/3/1 BBB 3-month challenge template, but I wanted to sort out a few things here first.

I was looking at running the program with 3 workouts per week instead of 4, but using a longer mesocycle to compensate. Also, looking at substituting the assistance bench with CGBP (for one of the two training cycles in the school year anyway). I would do some additional assistance work: incline hammer curls on one of the upper body days, lateral raises on the other upper day, one calf iso on one of the lower days (probably alternate standing/seated calf raises), some oblique work on the other lower day. Very minor focus on this additional stuff, and it may change to some other iso work or alternating iso exercises depending on my current physique-related goals.

My present goals are mostly powerlifting related (competitive intentions), but I would like to get decent looking hypertrophy in the process (no competitive BBing intentions, though), while not spending as much time as I would like to in the gym. Will this work for my set of goals?

Also, using this template means I would have 16 week training cycles. This is roughly the amount of time in a school term, which appeals to me. However, this means I would be running the challenge nearly back-to-back (would have roughly a week in between). Is this fine, or would I be better served by using the regular BBB progression template the entire time?

Thanks in advance.