5/3//1 Assistance

Assistance-add 5 lbs upper 10 lbs lower.

Squat-leg extension 100x5x10-calves 95x5x10
Hyper extensions AMRAP 3 sets
Abs 2 excercises superset 3 sets each

Bench- bench presses flat and incline 70x3x10
Dips 1 chain Amrap+10lb plate 3 sets

Leg curls-100x3x10
Close grip pull down-100x3x10
Hyper extensions AMRAP 3 sets
Abs 2 sets super set

Db press 50x3x10
Side laterals 80x3x10
Rear laterals 60x3xAMRAP
Shrugs 245x3x10

How does all this look?
Would you change anything.

I hate good mornings so i do not do them. Also on squat day i drop down to 135 and do a set of 10 .

Ok that was a little confusing on deadlift day also i do 6 sets of ab work but i super set them. And the assistance for bench isbwith dumbells.

Read 5/3/1. If you have already, reread it. It will answer all of your questions.