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5/3/1 Assistance Workouts?


Couple questionss on the 5/3/1 program. The main part of the work out is pretty straight forward, but on the assistance workouts should i be doing the same percentages on those also I.E= dumbell bench press? Or should these workouts be done at full potential but with fewer sets or reps? And also maybe some ideas on some good assistance workouts also, taking the pointers from the 5/3/1 page on lunges, dips, db presses and some others but would like some pointers int that area.


A few thoughts:

  1. This should be in the powerlifting forum.

  2. There is a 5/3/1 thread for questions like this.

  3. Have you read the book?

  4. No, you don't use 5/3/1 percentages for assistance work.

  5. What you do for assistance work is dependent on you, your experience, your weaknesses and your goals.



Seriously just buy the book it answers almost all questions, but if you have anymore, read all the articles here at
T-Nation( there are a lot of them ) and if that thosent answers it all, then you can go to this thread:


I can give you a quick answer regarding supportive excercises:

The most normal thing to do is roughly something like this: 3-5sett of 8-12reps for supportive excercises.


Even Jim says that 90% of the questions asked are about 1% of the program.

Why do people complicate their lives.



let's just move the north of vag


Boring but big.


Buy the book. Read it.


ya just bought it. got all my questions answered. thanks


Best $20 you ever spent.

Congrats on doing.


This would have to be the best answer


Remember - between 30 seconds and 3 minutes of rest between sets. And rarely go to failure!


now even though the book gives different routines, has anyone had more success with one other than the other. keeping in mind that i am taking in around 6000 calories a day and want to hold on to as many as i can. i did the suggested three assistance workouts last workout with shoulder press then, dips shrugs and dumbell rows. is there an advantage to boring but big over the triumvirate? as far as building mass


Since your achieving mass with volume, I'd say no.


None of them are "better", just different