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5/3/1/ Assistance Q

Instead of having (using BBB for example):
Squat 5/3/1
squat 5x10
core work

Deads 5/3/1
Deads 5x10
core work

I switched the assistance over, so I did 5x10 deads on squat day, and 5x10 squats on deads day. That way I get to squat/dead twice a week but because the weight is lower and not a high % of my 1RM it shouldn’t burn me out in the first 3 weeks (4th week is a deload anyway). I figured squatting twice a week is good, but I thought I’d ask either way.
(Same applies to bench/ m.press assistance lifts)

Whats your question? if your asking if this is okay, then yea it is.