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5/3/1 Assistance Exercises?


I'm starting Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 workout next week, I've only just found out about it so was wondering if I could have some advice on the assistance exercises.

Monday - squat day, with the squat machine and some abs

Tuesday - bench day, with incline dumbells and dips

Thursday - Dealift day, with rows, barbell curls and some abs

Friday - overhead day, with upright rows and wide grip pullups.

Any suggestions or alternatively, what do you guys use as your assistance exercises?



What are the assistance exercises Jim lists for each day to select from?


The ones in his book are,

Dumbell/barbell rows
Barbell shrugs
Dumbell bench
Dumbell overhead press
Dumbell/barbell incline
Leg press
Back raise
Good morning
Hnaging leg raises
Ab wheel

He doesnt say what ones can be used for what day, just lists them all


There are a bunch of templates to choose from. And there are examples that he gives with specific exercises. The reason the assistance is mostly left up to the individual however, is because it's not that big of a deal.


Choose 2-3 that you're weak at and do it till you're proficient. Upper assistance on upper body days and lower assistance on lower body day. OR you can supper-set upper/lower, its subjective.


A good choice is Boring but big. Always good to get more practice with the big 4


Dude why not just do the boring but big chalenge template JW just laid out in a giant ass article thats in like top spills. Everything is laid out 4 you. Lifting program, assistance stuff, cardio, diet, even suplements. Its so easy my retard brother Bilo can do it


alex - what you listed sucks and wont 'assist' your main lifts at all. Do the Boring but big template




"You will never get this, you will never get this, lalalalala"


Choose the one template that fits your goals the best.


90% of the questions are about 10% of the program...



read his new thread Called the Three Month Challenge. BBB with a new take


look 4 posts above



mon:seated military pressed-5/3/1
bb rows-5x10
bb/db curls/rear laterals superset-3-5x10-15

chin ups/pull ups(varying grips)-5x10

wed:flat bb bench-5/3/1
smith machine inclines-5x10
Kroc rows-3x12-15
decline skulls or db flat extentions/face pulls superset-3-5x10-15

close footed back squats OR close footed vertical leg press-5x10
(no hack rack in either gym and front squats are out)
leg extentions/leg curls superset 5x10-20

calves/abs usually eod.if my recoop between sets is good i may throw in say standing side laterals after each set of 5x10 squats,dips after bb rows,etc to bring up weaker points.this is my 2nd cycle and so far all my 1rm's have passed higher than ever expected.

may go to bbb after this cycle's over just to get in and out faster and worry about hypertrophic training after i complete 6 full cycles with a higher volume approach like GVT for 2-3months.don't wanna overdo it on the acessories but still wanna maintain the smaller muscle groups as if in a bodybuilding mode.new to a powerlifting base so my numbers may be low now but are climbing steadily.


ah this thread again.....


read it and copied it last night.actually gonna give it a go after this cycle is over in 3 more weeks.