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5/3/1 Assistance Exercises?


Hey guys really new to this so i decided id ask for some advice, Iv been training since the start of this year been makin some good gains but i wanna gain some strength and size as i wanna start strongman/powerlifting. i would like to reach 105kg and was thinkiing about getting some serious mass, celltech and some whey to bulk for the next few months.

also im gonna start 5/3/1 and gonna do boring but big assisstance but i wanna be able to bring in some close grip bench and pushdowns or somen along the line as my bench is my weakest :frowning:

current lifts for 1rm
squat 200kg
deadlift 190kg
bench 105kg
overhead press 75-80 kg

now can anyone help me with a good assisstance for boring but big that people had success with:)

thanks in advance.


What helped them might be different to what will help you. A tonne of pull ups has helped bring my deadlift along but only because my lats/upper back werent good enough.

Why not just use the ones Wendler suggests in the book then change them if it they arent helping?

He's also written quite extensively about which exercises bring up the squat, deadlift and bench in his blood and chalk series on here...why not take a look.


can you post a link to it please as i cannot find it?


Use the site search and type in blood and chalk, it'll bring up all the articles

or search for Jim Wendler under articles and featured authors.


The book is great place to start, easy to follow and eliminates doubt.


To bring more to your bench you must bring your upper back more work on your lat area trap area and rear delts along with your tris!
Good luck


America, Strong Backs.


For assistance work, do you guys like to ramp up to a heavy set and not worry about volume to much or would you rather do something like 3-5x10 and get some volume in?


For assistance work, do you guys like to ramp up to a heavy set and not worry about volume too much or would you rather do something like 3-5x10 and get some volume in?


I've used three different methods depending on my mood that cycle. I've used the BBB template keeping the weight the same for all sets of 5x10 (or however many reps I got). I've used ramping up and back down, for example 60x10, 70x10, 80x10, 70x10, 60x10. I've also used reverse pyramids, starting out at my 10 rep max and then dropping some weight each set. The last one by far took the most out of me.


You've built muscle using such light weights?(no offense)


Those are not bad dumbbell curling numbers, actually.


Well, the numbers were a completely arbitrary example, but to be honest I guess that's pretty much what I used for Incline Dumbbell presses following my Incline Barbell Presses (flat benching is hard on my right shoulder). So, I guess it's not truely BBB since I use Dumbbells for my 5x10 instead of barbells, but you get the point.

As far as it being light weight, my last good Incline bench session I did 235x7 and then did my 5x10 with Incline DB presses as follows 60x10, 70x10, 80x7, 70x10, 60x10. It's not real heavy, but I wouldn't call it light either.


I would recommend doing "The Juggernaut Method by Chad Wesley Smith". A Intermediate lifter such as yourself would gain more using this program. My deadlift went from 160kg to 230kg in six months while remaining on a bodyweight of 84kg. You should focus more on conditioning exercises like sled sprints, Prowler pushes and weighted box jumps. The cool thing about The Juggernaut Method is that it tells you how much you should increase your 1RM after every phase. Send me your email so that I can send you a pre programmed workout template for it


Check out Wendler's site www.jimwendler.com He just got done publishing a comprehensive FAQ on all things 5/3/1. there's some really good info in there about assist. exercises, conditioning, and everything 5/3/1.