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5/3/1 Assistance and Cardio

I just finished my first week of 5/3/1 with BBB assistance. I think it’s great and definitely want to continue with it for as long as possible. I saw on a couple forums that some people said to switch assistance every few months. Is that recommended, or should I just stick with BBB?

Also, I want to add in some light cardio for health reasons (partly because my heart has been randomly beating really fast for no reason this past week and it’s weirding me out). Would that be best done after every workout, or just upperbody days, or what? I was thinking maybe 10 minutes on the elliptical just to keep my conditioning from getting too bad.

I was hesitant to do it because I have a hard time gaining weight as it is, but I want to stay healthy. I would do prowlers/sled stuff, but they don’t have that at my gym. And just some background info in case it matters, I weight 170 with 7.3%bf and my maxes are (approx.) bench: 180 squat: 280 deadlift: 400.

[quote]bbbb1234 wrote:
(partly because my heart has been randomly beating really fast for no reason this past week and it’s weirding me out)[/quote]
There doesn’t need to be anything wrong with your health. I’ve experienced similar things when switching to a new training program or increasing intensity / volume significantly, just because your body is not adapted to it yet. I even had it when starting the BBB-Challenge, during the first two or so weeks.

Just get your heart functions checked by a doctor, just for your own safety. I had mine checked some years ago. Everything was fine and the symptoms described above where explained being due to the increased intensity.

read the second reply.

So your second sentence is that you like BBB and want to do it as long as possible. then in the third sentence you are getting distracted by others on what they do… stick to your plan. You weigh a buck 70. BBB willl serve you well for a long time.

I wish I wrote a book about this program. Then I could direct people to that book (remember it is mythical) and tell them “You should read the book.”

But then they would be all “No way. Reading books is for dude/meat gazers.”

Thus we can conclude that if you didn’t read the book, your eyes lock onto dude’s meat.

I got the book and I am almost done reading it. Yeah, I probably should have finished it first. I read most of it already and tried to skim ahead to find the answers to my questions, but I guess I missed it.

I’m glad to hear that it isn’t necessarily bad. I’ve had heart palpitations before, they run in my family, but this feels different.


[quote]rabidshrimp wrote:

Incredible! [/quote]

They do and it’s a serious problem. That’s why I got the book. I was hoping it would help. That, and the strength gains that come with it are nice too.

I haven’t heard the term Meat Gazer in about 5 years, that’s hilarious.