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5/3/1 as a Novice/Intermediate


Ive been working out for about 11 months and my current lifts are roughly: 185x1 Bench, 115x1 OHP, 225x1 Deadlift and 200x1 Squat.

Can i run 531 simplest strength and see effective and efficient results? I find myself not feeling motivated on a 3x a week full body program like SS.


I should note that I started out at BW of 120 lb at 5’7 and now im at 155 lb looking to cut down a lil but before i bulk up again.


Yes. Buy ‘5/3/1 Forever’ and follow Beginner Prep School or 5/3/1 Original. Don’t ‘cut down’ at 155 pounds. That’s just ridiculous. Eat to get stronger, not to wear skinny jeans for fucks sake.