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5/3/1 ARM day?


im doing 5/3/1 mon-tue thur-fri. wednesday im starting to do sled work. Id like to do arms on Saturday + cardio. or just arms.

what do you think? on my upper body days im doing boring but big. and my pulls. then i usually like doing battling rope drills for my conditioing or more prowler work. im looking to add inches to my arms which i know takes time.

would it benefit me to have a day dedicated to arms and really beat them so they can grow?

or should i do the 5x10 scheme for curls like big jim says? 2x a week?


What do you think?


He said do it once a week


try it out. If it works, keep it, if not, dont.


lol thats a straight forward reply chris... Can't really argue with it hahahaha.

On a sidenote, curls are retarded and a waste of time. Do some chins or pronated barbell rows. Dont neglect that back! And they will give you plenty of bicep work to fill out your t-shirt


Curls keep me and others healthy.


waste of time? what else can fill the bicep full of blood and get it really pumped? i hear were your coming from but i think i need to isolate them to get them growing. and i agree with chris. im going to try it out see if i see some progress.


lol I was just trying to emphasize that too much biceps would be a waste. You're posting on the powerlifting thread so I assume you want to be strong. As such, don't was too much energy on biceps when you can get in some bicep stimulation while doing heavy movements like chins that will also help you bench and deadlift! I think 5x10 once per week is more than sufficient.