5/3/1 Annual Plan?

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Have any of you formed an annual plan where you rotate through several of Jim’s programs throughout the years focusing on different goals

An article on another forum got me to thinking about this. Here are the recommendations based on this trainers programs. (I removed the names of his particular programs)

January – March: Heavy-Light-Medium Program
April – May: Strength Peaking
June – August: Strength / Physique / Hypertrophy
Sept – October: Strength Peaking
Nov-December: General Strength / Hypertrophy

Jim ever make specific recommendations like this? I have searched but could not find anything?


Basically what you have outlined is a form of periodization - you structure your training over a prescribed period of time (in this case a calendar year) and structure that time in several blocks with each having a particular aim/goal with the overall objective being to attain said goal (or goals) while effectively managing your training to avoid burn out and improper uses of time.

I don’t believe Jim has outlined an entire year, but check out Beyond 5/3/1 for some definite examples on a smaller scale (I believe these are the various challenges outlined where certain parameters of programming change pending on time progression).


In beyond there is 28 weeks outlined.
I’m in the middle.
Basic’s of the program go in every workout and beat a previous rep PR. 13 weeks in and every week I have got one.
It’s not like the one you described, but it’s fun.

Thanks for the direction.

I will look in Beyond.

Merry Christmas.

don’t plan for a year - plan for 3-5 cycles. 2-3 leader, 1-2 anchor cycles. Don’t plan for too long, there will be so much LIFE going on. Do a program and then reassess and do another!

Have fun with it!

Unless you are a high end athlete, usually track/field, I do NOT recommend year-long training plans. Stick to the 2/1 or 3/2 in the Forever book; there are way too many changes, variables and screw-ups that will happen; that is why we program with Leader/Anchor, analyze and adjust.

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Well as said I’m doing the 28 weeks from beyond, 14 weeks in…
Every workout go in, chase that one PR set.
Walking in the weightroom knowing I have to set that PR, That’s so motivating. AND I have done that every time.
Love those PR sets.