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5/3/1 and Wolverine


I stumbled upon the workout that Hugh Jackman supposedly did to get in shape for the Wolverine movie. I find it eerliy similar to 5/3/1. Just head to David Kingsbury blog to check it out. His version of deload week is doing the same percentages that Jim recommends but doing ten reps instead of five to stimulate hypertrophy. I guess when your name is Jim, everyone wants to copy your shit and claim it as your own.


It's flattering - he even uses a TM. Good for him. He learned something (and used my shoulder circuit too).

I have no idea who this guy is - I forgot to read his bio but he is probably a good dude. Who knows. Probably hailing satan and stuff like that.


FYI, Jim Wendler was not the first to come up with this style of training. It's been around for a very long time.