5/3/1 and Westside Curiosities

I have a few curiosities in regards to 5/3/1 and west side nonlinear training . And I’m hoping Mr. Wendler happens to be trolling and sees this.

Correct me if I’m wrong, 5/3/1 is a linear program in terms of progression. You’re training within different “intensity zones” and slapping on more weight each week. I’m sure Jim is good with Louie Simmons and the like (west side lifters), and I’m wondering what his opinions were on 5/3/1 when Jim first introduced the concept to everyone. I know Louie advocates rotating max effort lifts, dynamic work, etc… some of the things Jim isn’t really a fan of I guess?

I’ve read in a few articles that Jim doesn’t necessarily favor switching the main lifts either. Now I’m not as familiar with Dave Tate but it seems like Dave follows more of a west side approach also … I’m wondering if he and Jim just agree to disagree on some things? And Jim, have you ever trained with a west side template ? I’m just curious.
I would like to rotate exercises but I feel like my main lifts will suffer if I’m only going back to them once every 2-3,weeks. Plus , I love the clean and jerk , and ramping up in that and then a ME lift means too much time in the gym for me …

Personally, I would like to present a 3 week “peaking cycle” that I’ve made for myself for the bench press and get some opinions… ( I’ve tried to answer my own questions here guys)I’d like some feed back, I’m going into my senior year of high school competition and would like to stick with 5/3/1 if I can.

Week I

  1. Bench Press 3x5 65-85% (don’t go for max reps)
  2. Board/Floor Press - for a few singles (@ what weight/percentage ?)

Week II

  1. Bench Press 3x3 70-90%(don’t go for max reps)
  2. Negatives @ 95% as many can do for a count of 5

Week III

  1. Bench Press 5/3/1 75-95% (don’t go for max reps
  2. Speed Bench 6-8x3 40-50% w/chains or bands.
  • I have other ideas for the squat, dead and push press but I’ll stop here.

Jim? Anybody?

Would be greatly appreciated

  • Chase

Why don’t you just follow one program or the other?


I’m not up in the air about it. That’s not really the point of the thread. I just wanted to get some opinions and thoughts including Jims on basically linear progression versus a conjugate program.

Good to see ya posting again brosky

haha morning spar, would like to offer put in a piece of mind? What’s your trainin look like these days

My training these days doesn’t resemble any progression model or template. I just hit the big 4 hard, do my assistance, heavy and rep work, and sometimes some speed work. You can check out my log. Insert Cool Thread Name Here - Training Logs - Forums - T Nation

I think it looks pretty good and I’ve kind of thrown something similar together myself. The only difference is I’ve thrown speed work in at least once a week for upper and once for lower. So perhaps before my OH press day I’ll do 6 sets of 2-3 with 50-70% then proceed with typical OH press work. I don’t feel like the speed work holds my lifts back at all. As long as you have some recovery ability. In fact I think it helps my lifts some. Although I do speed bench by pausing on my chest then exploding with all I have so not quite the typical DE. I think week 1 looks good and then I’d do the percentage around 90-92.5%. I’ve gone up a lot in my lifts this past month with doing heavy singles but I did them so much at around 97.5% that I strained my pec from overwork so I think thats the good thing with 531 is that it will make me regulate better. I’m not a big fan of eccentrics like in week 2 but thats just me. I’d rather hit heavy regular singles.

Good stuff, I was doing 5/3/1 for a while (throughout football season more as maintenance) how ever now I’m getting back to some of my usual training. Just lifting heavy shit all week long, squatting 3 times a week, cleaning twice, benching twice, over head pressing once and dead lifting once. I just work up to a 1-5 RM, throw in some lockout, speed work, & high rep work through out the week. But… it’s been a rough past few weeks. I’m sore, and just missing 5/3/1 . I know I can still use 5/3/1 but I’ve come to realize lately that I just need to get back to what’s worked best for me.
. I don’t have football any more right now and all I have to do after school is home work and lift.

I’ve never backed off for as long as I did this year. Coming back to it is tough! It’s the weekly volume/frequency that’s biting me in the ass. I know I’ll eventually adapt and my recovery ability/work capacity will come back… it’s meet prep.