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5/3/1 and the Mark Bell SlingShot

I’m currently planning my training post-meet (following Wendler’s peaking programme as per 5/3/1 For Powerlifting). I’m going to run Off Season For Mass for a while but can’t decide upon how/if I should incorporate the SlingShot into training focused around assistance lifts. thoughts?

You could add it in as FSL, SSL or even SST work with the slingshot and keep the main lift as is.

In the off-season program, I probably wouldn’t use the SlingShot.

You could always use it as a tool during deload week, to reinforce your form and control the bar to your chest. Just an Idea.
Otherwise like Manze said, the slingshot bench treated as its own exercise for SST work is a good idea, I found that to work like a reverse band press for me a while back.