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5/3/1 and Speed Work?


Just wondering if anyone includes speed work on 5/3/1. What do you do and what days? Almost wanna do a version of westside with 5/3/1. Anyone try this?


well,i was thinking of doing 5/3/1 and i would certainly include some plyos or dynamic work b4


Jim suggests doing throws and jumps for dynamic work in conjunction with 5/3/1.


What about speed bench, squat, etc?


Why not just do WSB then?


He advises against it. Listen, half the point of 531 is to keep it simple and bust ass, if you start incorporating to much fancy shit you´ll end up shitting your bed.

Maybe DE bench and squat would work with 531, I wouldnt know as I never tried, but I DO know that it works pretty damn good without it.


I was wondering the same thing. I was considering this:

Monday - Squat Day

Squat - 5/3/1
Leg Press - 4x12-15
Reverse Hypers - 4x8-12
Hamstring Curls - 4x8-12
Hanging Ab Raises - 4x20-25

Tuesday - Bench Day

Bench - 5/3/1
Flat DB Bench - 4x12-15
Barbell Rows - 4x8-10
Close Grip Bench - 4x6-10
Incline DB Bench - 4x12-15

Thursday - DE Lowerbody Day

DE Box Squat - 10-12x2
Speed Pulls - 6-10x1

Friday - DE Bench Day

DE Bench - 8x3
Rear Delts




Like what Hallik said, keep it simple. If you want to do 5/3/1 then do it how he has it outlined. If you want to add it something like speed work then your best bet is to do something like Westside. Wendler has been over this with many and most of the guys here have talked about it also. If you insist on asking then look it up or go the 5/3/1 thread here. There is like 4 now I think. Although I dont plan on ever attempting the program, I think its a very effective yet simple program. Leave it how it is.


I see what you guys are saying. I've ran 5/3/1 before and got crazy strong. This time around, I'm looking for more overall athleticism, not just brute strength. I've been toying around with WS4SB, but I like the percentages in 5/3/1 that allow me to make linear progress. Not putting down JD and WS4SB, but I'm not sure how to see if I'm making progress every month (I take 5/3/1 week as a checkpoint).



I would definitely try WS4SB. The program has been tried and tested. It can add some awesome strength gains. Its the same principal as the original WSB so look up some threads and sites to gain some knowledge. DeFranco explains it quite well on his site.

Good luck


Okay. I've decided that I'm sticking to WS4SB. Thanks.



You can still use percentage training in something like WS4SB, Wendler didn't pioneer percentage training, he just make it simple for your average person. On another 5/3/1 note I have heard of Jim recommending doing power cleans or power snatches before your deadlift or squat work, so you can give that a shot if you are really craving some speed/explosive training.

Personally, I think traditional DE work (speed bench/squat) is overrated, with the exception of speed pulls. If I am going to do some sort of speed work I prefer plyometrics or olympic lifts.

I would recommend either 5/3/1 with power cleans/snatches, or doing WS4SB and paying attention to percentages you are training at. With WS4SB, just work hard but don't over do it, then test your max every month or so.


what the..I don't even...


My post got put up a little bit too late if that's what you are looking at.


Is it in 5/3/1? No, then it's not 5/3/1 and we don't know. Go away.


welll see i was brought onto this thread by farmerson12 because i too asked the same question on a thread of my own my idea is as such Day 1 OHP AND BENCH: 5/3/1 OHP and 5/3/1 Bench and standing db OHP
Day 2 Deadlift and Squat: 5/3/1 Deadlift and 5/3/1 Squat
Day 3 DE OHP and Bench using 60,65 and 70% of 1rm incline bench 60,65, and 70% and 5/3/1 BBcurl and 5/3/1 weighted pullups n weighted chins
Day 4 DE Deadlift and Squat and BB rows (this day is optional because i dnt need help with these two)

The reason why i want to change it up a lil is to have all my pushing movements on 1 day instead of spreading them out due to over working the pushing muscles and get some light speed work in as well a few days later and will adjust my bench accordingly since I'll be doing OHP first


I really don't know how you would go about working traditional speed work into 5/3/1. Perhaps doing speed squats before working into heavy squats and speed pulls before doing heavy deadlifts? Again, Wendler has recommended doing power cleans before lower body workouts if you are looking for some explosiveness/speed.


i dont have a problem with squat or deadlift, my days would look like this sunday 5/3/1 OHP and Bench Monday 5/3/1 Deadlift and Squat Wednsday: DE OHP and Bench Thursday: DE Deads and squat... again im putting it like this so as not to overtrain the PUSHING MUSCLES......


btw GruntOrama another reason why i am putting speed work in is because im more explosive than i am strong sooo i kinda need speed work, i wont do WSB im comfortable with 5/3/1


Someone correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't Jim's answer to how to add in speed work to just extend the warm up a little bit and lift each weight as dramatically as possible no matter the %