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5-3-1 and Rest Pause


Hey Jim. I really liked this program last time I tried it. In the book, you said you were still working on developing a percentage based system for the rest-pause assistance work. Did you ever finish that? Also, do you think Joker Sets could be included in that program, or would that be too much? Thanks.


Did this not already answer your question over rest pause - http://www.T-Nation.com/workouts/531-rest-pause-6-week-challenge


No it didn't. If you read the article, Jim writes in it that he is still working on perfecting a % system for the accessory work, and I asked if he had come up with it yet.


I love rest-pause kind of training too.
But training 2 times per week would let me freak out haha

So my question for you Jim, is if you are working on a rest-pause template for 4 days per week?
That would be freaking awesome!!!
Not that I couldnt create one by myself but I love doing your given templates to be sure Im not doing bullshit


Yeah, I wrote something on the forum for that but I can't remember off the top of my head. We just used a TM for the big assistance work and did two main sets, the last one being all out RP.