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5/3/1 and Peaking for PL Meet?


I have a question which may sound dumb, but going to ask it anyway. I am finishing LE school this month and will finally have time to do a powerlifting competition again (only have done one other before) I have been doing 5/3/1 while in my skills program and dont want to really change it, does everyone here jusst run 5/3/1 up until meet day (obviously some days off beofre the actual meet) and just lift or is there an article jim has about 5/3/1 and peeking?

If its in one of his books just let me know that i need to repurchase 5/3/1 powerlifting and beyond 5/3/1 i had both on my old computer before it crashed, thanks in advance for any feedback


Just run 5’s Pro, 5x5 FSL with whatever assistance (doesn’t matter). Keep bar speed up at all times.


Do some Jokers if you mentally need to “feel the weight” or whatever that means/is called these days (might be “buttwink”).

Last week before meet, do 5’s week up until Wednesday’s. No DL that week. Cut back on supplemental work too (cut it completely or just a small amount. Keep bar speed up.

In short, peaking isn’t all that it’s meant to be. 99.9999% of the gains you will make, which is a large percentage but not sure according the CommonCore, will come from the work in the 12 weeks, not some planned out, mysterious, voodoo peak. Strong men lift big weights.


this reply could not be any more perfect, solid advice with a good laugh, thank you Wendler