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5/3/1 and Getting Sick


Just wanted to know how do you guys get back on track with 5/3/1 after being sick. I got a cough/chest congestion my 3rd week into a cycle of 5/3/1 and won't be able to lift for about a week. Should i just restart the cycle from week 1 after getting well?


You gotta do what you think is right. Personally when ever things in life fuck up my lifting for a week like that, I just like to start over. There's no reason to rush things, but remember to stay NOV.


Your 4th week is a deload anyway so just start the next phase like normal. I'm coming off the exact same thing so I feel your pain.


I didn't complete week 3, only did 1 of the 4 workouts unfortunately.. I think i may just start over from week 1. It sucks because there goes 4 weeks "wasted" sort of.


What does NOV mean?


"North of Vag(ina)"


Suck it up and still lift. Kroc squatted the day after he had his testicle removed, but then again, he's Kroc. But use that as an example to strap your cock on and lift.



just restart the cycle i had to stop for about a 2 weeks cause i hurt my wrist. so i restarted the cycle and it went fine


I'm coming back from the same thing. I'm going to repeat my last cycle since I am getting close to my true 1RM on all my main lifts. I think pushing forward with the weights would just lead to frustration and a delay in getting back to productive lifting. When in doubt go a little lighter than you normally would.

I've been using 531 for over a year now, and I've been steadliy progressing. I've used that same thought process every time I come back from a time where I'm sick/ can't lift.


i personally keep goin, like this week i missed my 3's on mil lift, im just gonna continue to the 531 because in the end im still lifting heavier