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5/3/1 and Finishers

Hey Jim & Team,
Just wanted to get your feeling on 5/3/1 and finishers as discussed in a previous T nation article. Do you see any reason to not incorporate 1 finisher daily on some of the assistance lifts? I know in the past I had done leg press finishers and have decided against that one specifically for this program as it wiped me out for about 3 days. Thanks for any feed back and also fantastic job on the e-book


For the most part - total waste of time. You are best served with a structured and smart training program with a specific goal/challenge in mind.

It makes good copy though.

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Well the only reason I thought it might help is a do need to lose fat, but I will stick with the program!

Smart eating, smart conditioning. I mean, you can always put a screw into a wall with an old kitchen knife but you’ll probably get a better outcome with a screw driver.