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5/3/1 and Fat Loss

Hey guys
I’m currently doing 5/3/1 with good results. My wife has been hitting the gym for a while only doing cardio for fat loss. She’s interested in adding some strength training to her workout and in my mind that is an essential part of fat loss as well i.e. gain some muscles too.

My question to you is what would be the best approach to use 5/3/1 with greater emphasis on weight loss than on weight gain ?

Do the main lifts as programmed, and put a greater emphasis on conditioning work (sprinting, prowler, barbell complexes, etc.) instead of the assistance/hypertrophy work.

In one of JW’s articles he basically stated that you find the right balance between the main lift (strength), assistance/hypertrophy work (size), and conditioning (fat loss/GPP) depending on your goal. All three should be represented within a program but some will take priority at certain times.

How long has your wife been lifting? What are her numbers on squats, deads, press, and bench?