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5/3/1 and Fat Loss

Hi guys,
im 86 kgs(60 kgs when started weight training 20 months back!)
goal- strength, but dont wanna get fat!
Im following 5/3/1 3 days split.

Its summer time here in india and yesterday i wore tshirt after 2-3 months.
Now, i’ve gained 5-6 kgs in that period and some of that is obviously fat, but i was really repulsed to see ‘pregnant lady’ kind of belly!(i have lordosis too)
I knew i was getting bit fat and i even reduced around 200-300 cal but still i have that skinny fat look!(i dont even eat junk food)
I dont do cardio as yet.
I dont calculate fat and carb in my diet but protein is around 1 lbs/lbs bw, and i think i eat at maintainance level because my weight is around 86 kgs for a month now.
Im interested in following ‘north of vag’ template but here theres no hill nor prowler, and ive read that cardio after strength training affects strength.

Q1 - does it really matter fat and carb % when im eating maintainance and want to be lean?
Q2 - Wanna lose fat without hampering my strength level much. how ?

one more question not related to fat loss…
Q3 - here theres is nor GHR. I do partner assisted GHR. Is it good or is there something more productive exercise than that?
thanks for reading!

P.S - i desparately feel the need of a mentor as i train alone. I would be really appreciate if any of you guide me to that 300/400/500 numbers!
my current level is nowhere near it though 155x6/225x3/260x4

Q1. Yes, carb and fat intake is CRUCIAL in getting lean and staying strong.
Q2. I would recommend carb cycling. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_carb_cycling_codex
Q3. Not sure what GHR is.

You need to start keeping track of your fat and carb intake. When fats and carbs are mixed together in meals, they can turn into pure fat. That’s why mostly all of body building meals seperate the two macro nutrient groups. I.e., breakfast = 1 cup oats, + eggs. (Carbs, Protein). Meal 2= Chicken and almonds (Fats, and protein). If you want to look good AND be strong, I would recommend following a body building diet.

Unless you have godly genetics, you won’t look muscular and ripped unless you eat right. That’s just the way it is. Also, remember you can’t just start cutting and expect to looked ripped after. You need a ton of muscle first, and then you can shave off the fat.

Cardio AFTER a weight training session is obviously not going to impact your strength training for that day, as you’ve already completed it. Unless you are really driving yourself into the ground it shouldn’t have a negative impact on your next session either. It’s been suggested to do easy conditioning after the weights on upper body days and hard conditioning after lower body days.

For example, say you ride a bike or walk after upper body day- this shouldn’t really impact your next lower day. Then you will do hard conditioning after your lower days- example sprints/hill sprints. This way, your legs will be sore the next day from both your lower body workout and the sprints, but that is fine because your next weight session is upper body anyway.

Teddy057- GHR is a glute-ham raise…you’ve never heard of this?

you look skinny-fat because you are still small, 80kgs at 5 11"
increase your protein intake, carbs around weight training only, do badass conditioning

thanks a lot for replying guys!

im planning something like this (north of vag)

  • warm up
  • weight training 5/3/1
  • assiatance (will decreases rest time to 60-90 sec max)
  • conditioning, as dez described.(10-15 mins, will increase if need arises)

now comes a very stupid question…what should i do in conditioning (keeping the goals and avaliable implements in mind)?!

  • no sled in gym
  • no prowler
  • no hill around

complexes, sprinting, dumbell swings(no kettelbells)…or what??(u see ive read so many articles that im left utterly confused!)

@ caveman - im 86 kgs! (not much difference though :slight_smile: )
@ teddy - thanks for the link man, i got everything calculated and going to follow this diet.

Plate pushes- push a 45 lb plate on the ground, and push.
Regular Sprints- not as good as hill sprints, but still good

Oh, I know what Glute ham-raises are. The abbreviation confused me =p