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5-3-1 and Daily Undulating Periodization

I’ve read a lot lately about Daily Undulating Periodization and it seems like an interesting concept. How would you combine this with 5-3-1 if at all possible?

I was thinking something like a 8 day week training every other day with the following programming.

Squat 5-3-1
Bench 5-3-1
DB Rows 3x8-10

DL 5-3-1
Press 5-3-1
Weighted Chins 3x8-10

Workout C has same lifts as workout A and Workout D has same lifts as B. They are performed for 5x10 @ 50% TM for first week, second week 4x10 @ 60%TM and third week for 3x10 @ 70%.

So overall intensity goes up during the mesocycle and volume goes down.

There are proven ways to go about this. Check out bbb 13 week challenge. I haven’t done it (yet), but it looks sweet.

The 13 week challenge increases intensity in the supplemental work over the course of the whole 13 weeks, and a lot of that is lower rep supplemental work. So its not really undulating reps. DUP undulates reps in the same week.

Does 5/3/1 + FSL (3-5 x 5-8) not cover this for you?

When combining programs, let us remember the words of Mike Ehrmantraut - “No half measures.”

It has been the experience of every person in the world that the combination of programs is never a good idea. I would suggest that you follow undulating stuff if undulating stuff gets you going. Every one or two years the world of Undulanation comes forward, and like the Zone, Paleo, and Warrior Diet (sorry, Night time Carbs…sorry, Fasting Forever)- if the current phase/idea gets you going, go for it.

However, you train just be consistent with it and give it some effort.