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5 3 1 and Cardio

Hey I’m a powerlifter but I also like staying fit in general. I’m currently doing the beyond 531 program that Jim has posted ( 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4) So i am training monday wednesday and friday. Does anyone do cardio (HIIT or conditioning) between those days or at all during the week? I am trying to figure out how i can program it and still lift efficiently.

This question is for Jim or anyone

He explains how to do the conditioning in the article…

The conditioning work is in the program. That specific program.

All other programs - the conditioning is dependent on goals and current levels.

yes i understand that, i have read the article. Lets say I want some hard cardio type stuff added in (like HIIT or sled drags) how would i optimally program that? Or is weight vest walking a really hard challenge? i have never actually done vest walking.

Buy the book. You aren’t going to get a good grasp of the program by reading articles. The answer to your question is on page 59.

This specific program has the conditioning in it. If you would like run hills, etc, I suggest you find another 531 template. There are hundreds I have written and many are perfect for your goals.

okay thank you sir! much appreciated