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5/3/1 and Cardio


Alright guys, some are gonna laugh, but my wife is wanting to get back in shape, and I honestly need to as well. Wife is about 20lbs over weight, her weight is mostly in the belly area. But she's gotten flabby from not lifting in over 4 yrs. and im about 40lbs over weight,about 285ish and would like to get to 250, doctor says 240 so ill shoot for around that. Ive been doing the 531 since May of last yr, and haven't stalled on my lifts yet, and progressing decent.

She wants to buy and start doing the Jillain Michaels shred with weights, which is a 20-30 min cardio a day. What kind of effect will this have on my 531 program? Maybe some of you have done cardio on this program in the past and could fill me in. The last thing I want is to start losing strength since this yr will be the 400lb bench yr for me. Ill leave ya'll with my inspiration..


I think there are definitely better ways to get your cardio, but if you want to do the program with your wife, it certainly won't take away from your lifting.


Agreed. Although I would never dare do it myself(I dont agree with alot of what she preaches), I dont see it hurting you. Focus on it 2-3 days a week to see how it goes. And try to convince your wife to do some type of WEIGHT regimen. If she doesnt already


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I think farmerson12 is probably correct, but another option will be to only push yourself hardest for 2 or 3 of the days, maybe just 1 day/week at first. Link Jim says with hills, take some easy days. You can also build into it, as in start by doing all of them just kinda going through the motions at first, then start pushing once a week, if you keep getting stronger and recover well then add another pushing day while leaving the rest cruising. Just a thought.


Thanks guys, hopefully w me taking interest in this with her, she will get back to the real weights and start lifting with me and enjoy it again. She use to be pretty solid in HS, men and women all trained under the same strength training coach, low reps heavy wt, pretty close to the 531.. Oh how i miss the big thighs she use to have........


Ya after high school, you truly start seeing those who are truly well disciplined. Im trying to persuade my wife to start squatting more as well so hopefully it works out for the both of us.