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5/3/1 and Belt Squats



I have recently programmed in some volume work on our efs belt squat machine. I was simply using the 5's pro, moving on to "50" reps on the belt squat machine and finishing up with "50" reps of weighted back extensions. I was doing this since I have come to realize that my much stronger low back stays fatigued from deadlifting and takes over during heavy squats....and turned to the belt squat to give the back a break. Not thinking anything about it, I felt less beat up and my wife actually asked me what I was doing differently because my legs looked much bigger all of the sudden.

My question is, in future programming, should I consider, or would you advocate, alternating between cycles of 50/75/100 "total reps" actually programming this in for hypertrophy? Or would you suggest sticking with the rule of "50"?


You could, yes. But remember this simple motto: you add something in, you take something out.

For example, BBB: add in high volume, reduce assistance/hard comditioning.
Add in jokers: reduce supplemental
Add in lots of hard conditioning: take out volume.

Belt squats are great. Add in GHR and RH and your back will thank you. Great way to get volume in without screwing up main lifts.


Thanks Jim, I have noticed an increase in my mobility since doing this as well. I have been using the crap out of our reverse hypers on my Deadlift days…sure has reduced my level of soreness. Really trying to look hard at my long term goals and overall health at 40!