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5/3/1 and Alpha Male Experience


Hey guys. Thought I would post a training log on here and keep track of everything. Maybe it will benefit someone else. A little background. 39 y/o. 5’-10" 210lbs. BF no clue. Been lifting since I was 13 or 14. Gotten more serious and consistent the older I’ve gotten. Natural the whole time. Been reading this site since it was T-mag back in 2000. Done a lot of programs off of here. A lot of Chad Waterbury several years ago. Been dong 5/3/1 for a while and really like it. Seems to keep my strength up without a ton of volume. My elbows appreciate that. Also run on my off days. (OMG you can’t build muscle doing that!)

On to the Alpha Male. Last October I was going through some anxiety and panic attacks. Doc put me on 10mg Lexapro. It helped a lot. Helped my sleeping too. Killed my Libido for a few weeks but that leveled out. Never got back to normal though. Had a couple of other side effects in that department but everything still worked. I also noticed that I had no drive to do even things I liked. I hardly hunted last year. Normally kill 4-6 deer a year and didn’t get one last year. It was easier to sit at home and watch netflix. I did get serious about my training and diet again at the first of the year. Laser like focus. I have noticed strength levels haven’t really been what I expect. Had testosterone checked in October and it was 382. Had no low t symptoms.

Fast forward to last week. Went back and had labs run again. T was 289! I have been keeping muscle and losing fat easily so it hasn’t affected that. I do have issues that sound like low T ever since I started taking Lexapro. I don’t know if it caused my T levels to drop that much, but I have my suspicions. My doc sent an email and said he wanted to start me on injections. Once a week for the first month. Twice a month after that and eventually down to once a month??? I don’t even want to go through that BS. Plus I know the doc won’t keep a check on Estradiol or prescribe anything so you have to do that yourself. All my other blood work looked good. I’ve quit the Lexapro.

I have my first order of Alpha Male coming in at any moment today. I plan to do 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the afternoon for the first week and bump it up after that. I believe I am going to follow the 5/2 cycling. Unless someone thinks the 4/1 3/1 works better. I may also add in Res V in a few weeks. I plan to stick with it for 6 months and get labs done again.

I am currently carb cycling. 2800 cal and about 160-170 grams carbs on training days. 240-260 grams protein. 2500 cal and 50-60 grams carbs on non training days and about 210 -220 grams of protein. Supplements include Alpha Male, Surge Recovery, ZMA, fish oil, vitamin d, chromium, cinnamon, garlic and half a men’s multi. Also use some casein and whey for shakes. I am trying to incorporate more T boosting foods in my diet. My diet is solid. No IIFYM BS. I have a weekly cheat/refeed meal. It helps me stay focused and I can tell when my Glycogen is low.

I am mainly doing this to keep up with effects of AM. I may try to record workouts on here too. I guess I mostly wanted to get all of this down in writing.


In for this.

If you are looking to avoid injections and raise your test naturally Google “art of manliness testosterone project”. I can’t link it because forum rules. It’s the story of an average Joe who went from 383->827 in 4 months. He has bloodwork in there as well. No magic just diet, sleep, training, sups and stress management.


I’ll be honest with you. I am doing a lot of that stuff. I wil try to refine my approach more as I go along. Such as buying glass containers for food.


It’s here. I said to heck with it and took 2 for my first dose. I may go on with 2 tonight. woo hoo.


Be ready for back zits.


4-12-17 week 2 day 2. 5 mins jump rope. Training max 360 lbs. Squat 255x3 285x3 325x5 Leg curls 35 x8 35x10 35x8 35x8 35x8 Superset standing calf 80x10 80x10 80x10 80x10 Seated calf 70x10 70x10 70x10 70x10


Stopped at the gym and ran 2 miles. Not much time.


4-14-17 Week 2. Day 3. 5 mins jump rope. Press 125lbsx3 140x3 155x3 DB Press 30lbsx10 30x10 30x10 30x10 30x10 Tri pressdowns 95lbsx15 95x15 95x15 95x14 95x14 Suitcase carry 6 rds. 3 rds per arm 55lbs
The press is definitely my weakest lift. Can’t seem to progress on it. I am going to put some time into studying form and see if that helps me add a few lbs. I like the videos Mark Rippetoe has out explaining lifts.


Alpha Male update. Starting my second 5 day cycle today. Last week was interesting. Don’t know if this is all placebo effect or not. Here’s what I experienced. Libido is way up. My testicles seem to be larger, heavier and hang lower. I went from rarely having nocturnal erections to having 2 or 3 a night. Whatever is happening I hope it continues.


4-17-17 week 2 day 4. 5 mins jump rope. Trap bar DL. 235x3 265x3 305x5. Bodyweight pullups. Change grip each set. 6,6,6,6,7