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5/3/1 and Adding John Broz Technique?


5/3/1 and adding John Broz technique? Wondering how this would be possible? Any ideas suggestions?


Even with all the random 5/3/1 threads that come I'm still a bit surprised on this one. I did 5/3/1 for quite a while and really liked the article yesterday. If I was going to do this I would do the 5/3/1 upper body days then do front/back squats 4 days a week with 1 day completely off. I'm not familiar with Olympic lifting programming so I'd probably do smolov since its 4 squat days per week, or just workup to a max everyday alternating front and back squats. With all this I don't see where deadlifts would fit in, especially since the article said they only max those a few times a year.


It isn't you can do what you want, but it isn't 5/3/1


I think you're going to have to pick one.


Sounds kind of Frankenstein-ish to me...


Are you fucking kidding me?

Dude, the two programs are about as far apart in theory as you can get and you want to combine them?

Pick one or the other, run it for 12 weeks to the letter then try the other one and see what works better for you.


Taking Matter and adding Antimatter? Wondering how this would be possible? Any ideas suggestions?


I'm begging you, for the reading pleasure of the T-Nation community...could you please post this question on one of Jim's spills or in his 5/3/1 forum?


Definitely ask Jim on his next spill


It was called sarcasm. I know these two workouts are on two different ends of the spectrum.


You make a funny?




I think home boy told a joke.

F**k yas, if he doesnt ask Jim I will just too see the reaction.

"Here lies the David,
The moron that angered the great Jim W"


pitiful effort


Opening Post and adding Sarcastic Humor? Wondering how this would be possible? Any ideas suggestions?


At least his grammur was sound.


The first thing I thought when I read the boz article was "I wonder how long it will take till someone asks how to make this work with 531/starting strength"




Damage control.

It's ok to admit you made a mistake dude.


Are there any reports of successful powerlifters training with this Broz system? I'm not interested in doing my own training that way ( I'd rather have a stroke than train 13 times a week), but this quite a little oddity that I'd like to know more about