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5/3/1 AMRAP Sets: All Reps In a Row or Small Break?

I am relatively new to 5/3/1. I have been using it for almost two years now and have started to get closer to resetting for the first time and have a question about the AMRAP sets. My estimated max is waaaaaay higher than the weight on this set and sometimes it gets a little difficult to get that PR. I was wondering if during this set, are you supposed to do as many reps in a row, or can you take a small break after say two or three in order to achieve that next PR?

If you have been doing 531 for 2 years, I don’t think you are new.
AMRAP’s or PR sets are you doing OG 531?

If you are getting more than 3-5 reps on the 531 week then you should keep going.
You are not supposed to set a PR every time, just put the work in push hard have a goal try to break it.
And rest pause sets are not to be done on the main lift.
If you do FSL sets you can do 1 set of rest pause on those.

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As many reps in a row, no break.

Don’t take breaks - that would be a form of “rest/pause” training, not going for a PR.