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5/3/1 All I Do Is Win


New training log 531 later added cardio next post will be my first 3 weeks


current maxs

Squat- 400
bench- 245
dead- 430
military press 175

working max

squat 360
bench 220
dead 385
military press 155

seem low but dont mind slow. since many of you probably already know the 531 setup im not gonna bother posting percentages only reps. last set i go to failure or extreme bordem


day 1

military press 5x100 5x115 9x 135 (rotator cuff is to fucked)
dips 5x15
lat pulls 5x10 (wont bother posting weight until im doin chins as programs suggest)

day 2
dead lift 250x5 290x5 330x16 (easy)
reverse hypers
hanging leg rais 5x15

day 3

bench (lets kill my confidence)

145x5 165x5 185 plus 40 lb chains x9

day 4

squat 235x5 270x5 305 x 15 (gave up way to early had shitty shoes that kept slipping to wide so just said fuck it)
leg press 5x15
leg curl 5x10


week 2

day 1
military press 115x3 125x3 140x4 any one have somthing i can do to strengthen the shoulder girdle its so loose they come out in my sleep)
dips 5x15 (faster up slower down)
pull downs 5x10 130 lbs

day 2

deadlift 3x270 3x310 345x 17 reps
5x15 revers hyper
hanging leg raise 5x15
(arms to small need curls which i blow at) 5x10 60lbs

day 3

bench 155x3 175x3 205x8
5x15 db incline 60 lbs per hand
5x10 bent row 135

day 4

squat 3x250 3x290 335x 13
leg press 5x15 6 plates (bs i know)
leg curl 5x10
bicep curl 5x10 70 lbs


week 3

day 1

military press 115x5 130x3 150x6
dips 5x10 + 40 lbs
pulldowns 5x10 140
tricep extension 5x10 120

day 2

deadlift 5x290 3x 330 16x 365
barbell curl 3x10 80 lbs (atleast its not in the squat rack)
5x15 hanging leg raise


day 3
bench 5x165 3x185 8x210
bent row 5x10 145lbs
incline press 3x15 150 lbs
tricep extensions 5x10
roman chair
rowing machine

decided i wanna compete in powerlifting again soon so i can no longer sit at 5'8" 195 wanna get down to 180 max freshman weight is brutal


Day 4

3 hours sleep

squat 270x5 305x3 345x12

leg press 6 plates plus 20 4x15 (back fucked up gotta buckle and get orthotics one leg is an inch longer then the other and im starting to pay for it

leg curl 5x10

hanging to decompress my spine then 5x12 hanging leg raise

disappointed with today my feet keep sliding outward on the slippery surface of our wooden squat platform and i keep having to reset kind of shitty also my gut is getting to big for my belt (only use on last set) so im having trouble getting good breaths