5/3/1 Advice for Powerlifting

im currently running 5/3/1,i compete in raw powerlifting,im on my 4th cycle now,my question is how do i use the 5/3/1 for peaking?? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I like running 5-3-1 most of the time, and when I’m a month or two out, pick a peaking program. There are quite a few here:


there’s a great book called 5/3/1 powerlifting by jim wendler that explains peaking in detail

Give 5/3/1 for Powerlifting a read.

I’d probably run it normal, but increase your training maxes as the meet gets closer. Time it so that two weeks out, you are on 1’s week and only be able to get 2-3 reps for your main set. At that point it will likely be 95%+ of your actual max, not your training max.

Definitely read the powerlifting version if you havent yet. I’m dorky and like to play around with numbers, so I’m peaking a little differently. Just finishing my deload this week, and then I’ll be 12 weeks out from my next meet. I have it setup to where I’ll be hitting 95% of my goal on the last 531 week. Instead of starting 2-3 singles every two weeks, I’ll be doing a double at first(or triple if I’m up for it), and then do some singles the last cycle.

So my heavy deadlifts would look like this.
Week1)345x2 or 3 if I’m feeling good
3)357.5 x2
5)370 x2
7)382.5 x2
9)395 x1
11)407.5 x1 (about 95% of my meet goal 430)
12) light deload.

If I know I have another rep in me after my last single, then thats a pretty good sign I’ll get 430.