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5/3/1 + Additional Squat Day?


Hey guys, currently doing the 5/3/1.

Is there any way i could squat heavy more than once a week? I really enjoy the exercise and when i train it more often i see to progress that bit quicker.

At the moment i'm doing a heavy squat day, and my dead lift day i am doing a lighter 5x10 on the squats.

Is this enough or should i try find a way to install the heavier squat later on in the week?

Also do you find it better to try and make your upper / lower days complete upper / lower days, or do you try to focus more. Say on the Bench day, you aim your assistance more at chest, then overall upper body?



Just do it the way it was written. It was written so that you would perform the 4 core exercises once a week. That's it. No more, no less.



Take all that energy youve got and focus it into one squat session a week.

Ive done it both ways, using the dave tate periodization bible assistance work, and I liked it. Now im going it more like your second example. Both work, you just need to find what you prefer.


I have had great success (borat) with 5/3/1 doing complete upper/lower days. I throw in some pull-ups and rows on the chest day with my other chest exercises and I throw in other lower body exercises on the squat and deadlift day. I typically do the 5/3/1 squat dat with some sort of deadlift variation and on the deadlift day I do a squat variation. First thing in your workout do the prescribed main lift then go from there.


I've seen Wendler suggest elsewhere going 3x5 with the first set at 55%, second at 65% and third at 75% on deadlift day for people who want to squat twice a week.


As Wendler indicates to do a pull for every push to maintain a general symmetry, I always go for a complete upper body workout, not just chest or whatever. Mix pullups and rows between sets of press and bench.


It should actually be closer to two pulls for every push for most assholes.


Yeah, Wendler says both:

"For every push - do 2 reps of pulling. This includes all warm-ups. Do rows and chins. "

"For every push, do a pull. If not, you have no balance."

That is why I go for one and a half pulls for every push. :slight_smile:


Just like the guys above said, focus on your main lift and get stronger on that lift. Of course, you could always try it and see. Give it at least 6 weeks and let us know! Just remember, if you are making a change then it is not truly 5/3/1 but your own version.


The 5x10 is just one template for assistance, at least that's how I read it. So you can go heavier on the squat assistance on deadlift day, problem solved!