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5/3/1 Additional Days Advice


Hey guys, i am doing a juggernaut training method (similar to the 5/3/1).

I do an upper / lower split 4 times per week.

If i felt great and wished to train 5 maybe even 6 days a week, what additional workout would you recommend? Would i be best adding a day for something say like complexes or a more bodybuilding specific day?

Cheers all


If you're looking to get stronger, don't bother with training more than 4 days a week. Just stick to what you're doing right now and you should be fine.



Try some hardcore conditioning if you feel like it on your off days. Don't listen to people preaching - only train 3/4xweek. If you can train as often as possible and make progress, more power to you.

I lift 4xweek but I try to do something physical EVERY day. Typical week might be like this

Mon - 5/3/1
Tues - Bands work at home - something brief for 15-20 mins to lubricate hte joints, maybe some stretching
Wed - 5/3/1
Thurs - light conditioning, brisk walk in the park, some bench jumps, long jumps, high jumps
Fr - 5/3/1
Sat - 5/3/1
Sun - Soccer with friends (That's some tough fuckin conditioning, and I usually try not to do lower body stuff the next dya cause my shins and thighs are killing me - if so, I may move my lower body day from monday to tuesday).

THe more active your liftestyle, the more athletic and healthy you'll feel.


There's plenty of stuff on here about eccentric less training, that's supposed to be ideal for rest days.

Doing a complex may not be a terrible idea as long as you keep the weight low, I often throw in a few laps of whatever complex I can come up with.

Are you doing the conditioning work in the program after your lifting? I suspect not if you're wanting to train more!


x2 Helps recovery from lifting too once you've made it habit to do this stuff. I will usually have one day a week without anything more stretching, mobility, and rehab where I only warm the areas enough to work on them. I do some recovery methods every day.

Sunday- recovery methods only unless I couldn't get to the upper body wo on Saturday I'll do it
Monday- ME legs workout
Tuesday- Mt. biking plus a little extra leg volume with dbs at home if I'm up to it
Wednesday- ME bench workout
Thursday- extra volume for upper body with light db and bodyweight (mostly to facilitate recovery and to work on my RC, back, and sometimes tris)
Friday- DE legs
Saturday- Mt. biking and 5/3/1 standing press


OP, I would say either you're not going at the conditioning/speed/power stuff as described in the program like MAsteve said, or you're only 1/4 to 1/2 way through the program where recovery comes a little easier than in the later stages, especially if you're used to training with low reps, high intensity a lot.

Let the program work, throw in an extra conditioning day or push the conditioning a little harder if you want. When you get to the 5's and 3's wave you most likely won't be feeling as fresh.


Can't answer without knowing your goals. Are you into bodybuilding? If so then do like a day for arms or calves or whatever and then maybe a day for a lagging bodypart. Are you looking for conditioning and/or fat loss? Then do complexes or sprints or whatever.


on what week are you on ?? i do it to, im on my 8 (finishing it ) and well, i do not really feel like adding more work :wink:


Chad addresses options for conditioning in the book


I do 531. This is my 5th workout: I go to a football field near my house and do drills for lateral movement, (kareoka, side shuffle, and bounding.) and sprints. They really help my overall athleticism. Then I do plyometrics jumping onto a wall. Next, I sprint up and down a hill 5 times. This brings me into an anaerobic state. When my heart rate settles I wrap up this workout rolling down the same hill. Helps chest development.


Food for thought:

M: push (w/ 5/3/1 OHP)
T: pull
W: legs (w/ 5/3/1 squat)
Th: push (w/ 5/3/1 bench)
F: pull
S: legs (w/ 5/3/1 deadlift)
Su: rest

Or you could go on a 3 on-1 off cycle if you don't care about sticking to 7 day cycles. I like this split if you're looking to train more frequently, spending less time in the gym with each workout but still giving yourself enough recovery.