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5/3/1 Accessory Work


This is my Accessory work for Wendler's 5/3/1 program:

Squat: BB Lunges, DB Step-ups and Good Mornings

Military Press: Pull-ups, DB Shoulder Press, Dips and Face Pulls

Deadlift: Front Squat, DB Rows and DB Shrugs

Bench: DB Incline, BB Rows and Pull-ups

Ab work is done every session

I'm looking for input as to exercise selection. I using a 4x8-12 set/rep scheme

  • I was thinking about putting Leg Presses in place of one of my accessory lifts on Squat or Deadlift for what its worth.


For DL, I use good mornings, walking lunges with vest and DB's and glute-ham raises.
I do back accessory movements on bench day...


what do you like to do on squat days? Also would you mind posting your accessory work for press/bench?


I'm only using 5/3/1 for DL at the moment...i train bench with a Westside-ish template, accessory movements being BB rows, floor press, triceps(dips, pushdowns, what have u...), how i train squat is low box squats, then work on quads...so anythin from front squats to quad leg curls....
DL day accessory work is on hams...


well on squat day after im done squatting (usually takes an hour or so) i try to get in leg extensions

on DL day i do good mornings and some times ham work


I like safety bar lunges. They are mad real.


For my squat days I usually do BBB front squats 5x10, or leg presses 5x20, or use a widow maker set ala DC and do one all out "heavy" 20-30 repper. I constantly try to improve on my overall reps and or weight with all of my assistance work.

I then will throw in calves and leg curls or GHR's.


I like the idea of the SS Bar Lunges, that bar can be the devil.

I should add I throw a "widow maker" set of lunges after my deads, along with Kroc rows and Shrugs. Deadlift day is the most brutal day of the week for me.


If only there was a thread that Jim responded to where we could ask questions....


My favorite accessory work:

Squat-Front Squat, Leg Press, Power Squat (if your gym has one), Good Mornings

Military Press-DB Inclines, DB Floor press, Pullups, Chinups

Deadlift-Rack Pulls, GHR, Back Raises, RDL, Sumo DL

Bench press-Board Presses, Rack Lockouts, Reverse grip Bench, Close Grip bench, Pause bench, Bent Over Rows, Kroc Rows

Obviously I don't do all these at once; I rotate them. I think these exercises give the most bang for the buck as accessories, but experiment and find what works best for you.

I wish thee well!


Bench- DB Rows, DB Incline or Flat DB Press

Squat- Romanian Deadlifts or Good Mornings, Single Leg Squats, Abs

Military- Dips, Pullups or Chinups, Shrugs

Deadlift- Front Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Abs

I also really like the big but boring accessory work. 5/3/1 is a great program.



What are you doing that 5/3/1 squatting takes you an hour?


What kind of sets/reps did you use for rack pulls when doing it as accessory work?


Subtle. Do you think they will get it?


Wait a minute... THERE IS ONE!!! I love how bandwagon 531 has gotten, just the other day there were three threads about it. It seems like everyone and their mom is doing it, its really lame. In conclusion, I'm really excited to start it next week.


I wonder if Jim ever thought so many people would jump on the 5/3/1 wagaon. ha


yea its completely lame how everyone's starting to do a tried and true training program, put together by a Hoss of a dude that knows his shit about strength. bandwagon bitches...