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5/3/1 6 Days a Week


Hey Jim.

I really like to hear your oppinion on this, so i hope you will answer me. I really LOVE to workout, as well as i love the 5/3/1 template. However, i dont think that it is enough for me to workout 4 days a week. Training makes me happy, and thefore i want to train almost everyday. I would like to hear your oppinon on how i can incorporate this into my 5/3/1 routine, without destroying my strength progress. I have thought of something about making it a 3-day split, with a legs+lower back day, a upper back+biceps day and a chest+shoulder day. Of courde it will be some short workouts, but it is fine with me. I just need to feel my muscles work "every" day. How would you plan this?

Greetings Kasper


Look up the 5/3/1 frequency project


The Beyond 5/3/1 book (sold here at T Nation) has numerous training examples and programs that you could follow. Check it out!


Check out both versions of The Frequency Project, they're in the Beyond 5/3/1 book.


Thanks for your answer, Jim. I have allready bought the book months ago, and i have read it several times. I just want to hear your opinion on training 6 short workouts a week, and maybe how i could do it? :slightly_smiling:


I think he answered your question (page 42).