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5/3/1 3x a Week Full Body Spreadsheet

Anyone know a good spreadsheet that has support for the second edition 3 times a week full body template? Been having trouble finding one that really supports it…
Looking for one that gives the schedule for a long period.

If you don’t currently own the e-book, you should buy it. It’s a great read.

There is no online spreadsheet specifically for the Fullbody 531 template. I just made my own; it isn’t particularly difficult to do this. I assume you are wanting something which adjusts your Fullbody Training squat percentages as you progress through each Phase? Once again, there is nothing online. Make your own or use a calculator :).

I just finished a year on this training and I loved it. Good luck.

Yeah, i got the book :slight_smile: Paperback! Just got it today.

Yeah, it is not hard, but nothing bad in asking… Googled like crazy but found none.

Calculator it is :slight_smile:

Ive been considering adding this to my 531 spreadsheet template (which is quite good if I say so myself). But I haven’t used the program yet so I don’t have it. Maybe later this year I will give it a whirl and program it.