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5-3-1 3rd Cycle through

Dead was 510-12
Bench was 325 for 9
Squat was 485 for 8
Military was 180 for 7

So, 4th Cycle here we go.

Im going to stick with it till it stops working but so far in love with this routine.

Such an odd disparity between your MP and bench. I only did 275 at my meet this weekend yet can do 185 for about the same reps you’re pumping out. Personally I’d take your numbers heh. Keep it up, it’s a good program.

My military and bench has always sucked. But, Ive noticed since my military has gone up, my bench has as well. So, Ill keep plugging away. To be honest, military has never felt comfortable for me. Maybe its hand placement or something but very uncomfortable.

Jmurp have you tried thumbless grip?

Jmurp we must have started 5/3/1 at almost the same time because I am doing my 3rd cycle as well. I am really enjoying the program so far. Your military press does seem low, but not terribly low. I am just going by my own presses. Btw awesome lifts especially that deadlift. What type of assistance are you doing?

My assistance is hip sled, Romanian, GHR, I throw in some Kettlebell swings and cleans for my deads.

I will try a thumb-less grip on my presses, that might help. I try to do different assistance every week for each exercise, i think thats why i like it. Keeps it fresh.

Im waiting for my Prowler to show up. Ive always been a decent squatter and puller, but due to elbow and shoulder issues the bench lags. Seems every time my bench starts going up, a shoulder flares up, or a wrist, or elbow.