5/3/1 3 Month Challenge Nutrition Advice

Just do as written. Shoulders get beat up from all the pushups and dip type assitance work, personally would say can drop them from squat or deadlift day once in a while if thats the case.

Its a good amount of work so make sure sleep is in order etc

having trouble deciding what assistance work i want to do on what days

You don’t need to. Just go by feel and take some of the options. It does not matter, just DONT smash yourself with the assistance.

My advice is to do the program “as is”. As for assistance work, use common sense and your experience.

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I’d get plenty of reps in for back assistance but other than that can just do what you feel like on the day( from the movements listed in the article)

Jim’s advice is exactly what I did last time I completed the challenge, and I lost count of how many comments were made regarding my size gains.

yeah i got to stop over thinking my training now just get my nutrition squared away, i have always had a health diet and eat clean but have never been able to find that sweet spot with my nutrition to match my training and achieve my goals

thought about running a experiment on my self with trialing keto diet

has anyone got any experience using the anabolic diet