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5/3/1 2nd Edition on Kindle **arg**

It is not at amazon.ca but it is at amazon.com. I can’t seem to trick amazon.com into thinking I am from the states. So frustrating. I rather have the kindle so I can also put it on my android.

Does anyone know how a Canadian can buy this kindle from amazon.com? thanx.

ya, I thought I tricked it by registering my kindle under the states and using a prepaid credit card with a bogus Seattle address but it is not working. I guess I will just have to buy the Ebook…

amazon are dicks when it comes to things like that. If your trick had worked, they would have erased the book the next time the device updated because you would have ‘bought it illegally’

too bad. I don’t trust Kindle anyway. I understand you never really own the books.